Facing the Block

This is something that is happening far more often than I would like, as of late. I’m going through another bout of writer’s block. Many people will ell you the best way to get through the block is to force yourself to write through it; I’m going to have to be contrary here. On those occasions I force myself to write through the block, I often end up hating everything I’ve written, and delete it the next time I look at it. In the end, no progress is made, and I just end up angry at my work, which isn’t fair to it.

It’s not that I stop writing completely. I write, it just happens that it’s never more than a sentence or two at a time during a period of writer’s block. What I do find myself doing is reading a lot more, and watching things for inspiration. Anything to try to light that spark again and get my back to my writing. At this current writing? It hasn’t happened yet, though I’ve been idly playing with the idea of a modernisation of Robin Hood. As in, Robin Hood set in contemporary times, not trying to take the original setting and make it more ‘cool’, for wanting of a better phrase. I mean, the BBC did that and while it was harmless fun… well, the last season wasn’t so much on the side of fun.

And that’s another contributing factor to my writer’s block, I would think. Ideas spinning round my head and refusing to settle into something that I can actually use and work with. That being said though… I think just worked out the next little bit of the current in-progress story. There’s another thing that helps: discussing the block.

Now, just to get over it.


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