NaNoWriMo 2014

Otherwise known as National Novel Writing Month. This is an event that takes places in November, yearly, and can be easily signed up for on their website. I’ve entered the past few years, but due to obligations with other work, I’ve never been able to finish a piece. This year, so far, there is nothing impeding my NaNo month.

There’s always a lot of advice going round for this month, and most of it seems to take the form of: “don’t edit, just write.” There is a lot of good sense in that piece of advice. If the aim is to write a whole novel within the space of a month, there isn’t really a lot of time to be fussing around with the editing of the piece. The idea behind NaNo, as far as I understand it, is to let people get their creativity on without feeling the need to be precise first time around; that’s what the other eleven months are for.

So, what’s my plan for this year’s novel? Mostly working on a story idea I’ve had for a while and have made vague attempts at writing down. Mainly, I plan to attempt to see the whole month through; I’ve never done it before and I’d really like to be able to say I’ve completed it at least once in my years of taking part.

That being said, you might not hear much from me during the NaNo month, but I’ll do my best to pop in and give an update once every so often. To everyone taking part: good luck, and happy writing!


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