On Real Life, How it can Through You for a Loop, and the Inspiration that Sometimes Comes from That

I know. It’s been a while. I think that, perhaps, this blog may end up being just one post a month because I feel that lately, I never really have anything good to write to for it. This blogs is meant to be about words, my words, and my words seem to be going no where at the moment, and all I want is to share my words with the world and for hopefully, maybe some one, somewhere else, reading my words and liking them.

In my dreams, those dreams that every aspiring writer has, I manage to be like Sir Terry Pratchett. I am witty, and my words flow from my mind because Narrativa has blessed me to tell the stories who these characters who want to be known. My fandom is intelligent, wide, and made up of the most generous and loving people that I could hope for a fandom to be. They speak discuss the issues that are weaved into my stories, and they help to make change on the world in a peaceful way.

Maybe I have that type of character in me. Maybe I have those stories in me. I’ll never know until I actually start writing them, and begin to start them with the world, with you! To anyone who reads this blog, I do thank you, boring as it must be for you to read. I will get somewhere with genuine content, I promise. Until then…

We are the poets, and we are the dreamers of dreams.

Maybe I should be a Willy Wonka in my attitude to writing…


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