On Real Life, How it can Through You for a Loop, and the Inspiration that Sometimes Comes from That

I know. It’s been a while. I think that, perhaps, this blog may end up being just one post a month because I feel that lately, I never really have anything good to write to for it. This blogs is meant to be about words, my words, and my words seem to be going no where at the moment, and all I want is to share my words with the world and for hopefully, maybe some one, somewhere else, reading my words and liking them.

In my dreams, those dreams that every aspiring writer has, I manage to be like Sir Terry Pratchett. I am witty, and my words flow from my mind because Narrativa has blessed me to tell the stories who these characters who want to be known. My fandom is intelligent, wide, and made up of the most generous and loving people that I could hope for a fandom to be. They speak discuss the issues that are weaved into my stories, and they help to make change on the world in a peaceful way.

Maybe I have that type of character in me. Maybe I have those stories in me. I’ll never know until I actually start writing them, and begin to start them with the world, with you! To anyone who reads this blog, I do thank you, boring as it must be for you to read. I will get somewhere with genuine content, I promise. Until then…

We are the poets, and we are the dreamers of dreams.

Maybe I should be a Willy Wonka in my attitude to writing…


An Introduction

Introductions can be among the hardest things in the world to write. The idea of them is to sum up whatever it is your describing and to – in most cases – give it the most positive outlook you can in as few words as possible. Trying to turn this on yourself can be something entirely different and difficult to produce in what you hope is an accurate manner. The best to place to start, I think, would be with a simple ‘hello’.

This is my author blog. Though technically speaking, I prefer the term writer to author. I write every day, I do not authorise things. But such is the nature of words, which is what the writing thing i all about. The right combination of words to make the right story that we – the writer – wants to tell you – the reader. Looking over at my bookshelves from where I’m sitting, I can see that there is predictable taste sitting there, and I wonder sometimes if that’s to my determent. But then I move on because that type of thinking does not get the words written.

With this blog, my main hope is to somehow track my writing progress, and hopefully finish a novel or at least a novella. I aim to hopefully have an update at least once a week, and I may even try to post excerpts from works on here. Granted, these excerpts will probably be deleted scenes from the finished product. Sometimes they may not be, however, but we will see.

We will see. That sums up my attitude, I think, I don’t know what the future holds, but I can guess that I’ll probably still be writing, even if only for my own enjoyment. But if I can make one other person out there interested in the stories I have to tell, I think I’ll be doing pretty well.